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Here is an article that bothers me and is wrong on so many levels.

First, as “cute” as it may sound, this type of animal exploitation for “entertainment,” is abuse, no matter how you try to explain it away. While it may be “fun” for these puppies to chase a ball down a field, when one of them is permanently injured just like this three-month old schnauzer, Alvin,  is, it is truly sad. Tragic.

The byline on this article if from someone named “Hilarious.” Really?

The website is:

Your Daily Guide For Unique Entertainment.

This is entertainment? This puppy, who had no choice in whether or not he played this “game” is now going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. All so someone could be “entertained.” And, it wouldn’t surprise me, also so someone could make a few bucks.

So, if you think this is “funny,” or “hilarious,” or innocent “harmless” entertainment, that’s the same thing they say to justify other animal exploitation like circuses, rodeos, and dog and horse racing.

Tragic. And this was broadcast on Animal Planet. I wonder if they condone and sponsor this garbage?

Puppy Bowl Marred By Tragic Spinal Injury

02/08/11 — Hilarious

Puppy Bowl VII, puppy football’s biggest annual event, came to a complete standstill Sunday when Alvin, a 3-month-old schnauzer mix, suffered a freak spinal injury while chasing down a loose squeaky football. The injury, which occurred only minutes before the Kitty Halftime Show, followed a routine midfield burst of play. Slow-motion footage from the sideline and water-dish cameras show Alvin romping flat out down the sidelines before taking a risky crossing route to come at the football from an angle, at which point two larger puppies, Amy, a golden retriever, and Big Red, a 13-week-old shepherd mix, laid a massive hit on Alvin, who responded with a shrill yelp that was suddenly and ominously cut off. “I heard something snap and I knew immediately something was wrong,” said play-by-play announcer Jeff Bordner, who watched as a team of veterinarians attended to Alvin, who lay motionless on Animal Planet Stadium’s turf. “We applauded when he was carried off the field, but it didn’t look good. The replay shows his neck twisting at almost a right angle.” Sources at Silver Spring Animal Hospital, where Alvin was rushed after the injury, said that the pup has no feeling in his paws, and that even if he lives he will more than likely never frolic on his own again.” w/ photos

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